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Session 6

How to Retire Debt Free and WHY

Retirement is defined as leaving a job or career; the time that follows the end of somebody’s working life. How does debt impact retirement? How much money will you need to retire? At what age will you be financially able to retire?

In this session we look at the numbers in your Blueprint and will discuss your current retirement status and what you need to do in order to retire when you want with the financial income you desire. When this session is completed you will be able to answer the questions above and find the tools you need  to be on your way to a more financially secure retirement.

How important is it to retire debt free?
Would it be easier for you to retire with a total of $3,997.32 going out each month or would it be easier for you to have your Fixed Debts paid off ($2,606.58) and only have your living expenses to pay ($1,390.74)?