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How we do it

As you are about to find out, the FFSS is the most comprehensive system ever developed.  Not only do we teach how to get control your finances and plan for your financial future, we also provide the tools and products that you need to achieve your financial goals.  The FFSS incorporates several integral components: the Seminar Series Course, The Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint, The Equity Creator® Budgeting system (and other web based resources), and the Equity Creator® Coaches. We use the term system, because that is exactly what it is. It is a system that takes a holistic approach to the underlying factors that get us into trouble and then provides the real solutions to get you in control of your total financial health.

Home Study Course

First, there is the Financial Life Book™, which is the home study manual for the 8-week DVD course. Each of the chapters goes in depth to teach you the secrets of debt elimination, the truth about budgeting, how to set achievable financial goals, what life insurance is all about, how to make money work for you, how to retire debt free and why, estate planning, leaving a legacy, charitable giving and financial essentials for children. But more importantly, the book also goes in depth to teach you how to use the tools incorporated into the program.

Multimedia Presentations

There are the eight DVD sessions taught by the FFSS founder, Steve Barfield. All the material covered in the Financial Life Book™ is presented in the DVDs. There are also the Audio CDs, which contain the spoken portion of the DVDs, just no video. The CDs are great for reviewing the course.

A Personalized Plan

The FFSS includes your very own personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint. Your Blueprint is a total financial plan customized for your financial situation. This plan shows you how to take the same amount of money you are currently spending each month on your fixed debts to pay off everything you owe, including your mortgage, in one-third to one-half of the time that you were originally obligated. In the Blueprint you will get an actual schedule of how much to pay each creditor every month until they are all completely paid off as well as the exact date that you will be debt free, your Financial Freedom Date! On top of that, there is a wealth of other important financial information tailored to your very own situation. Let us reassure you that you ARE NOT required to own a home or to get a first or second mortgage. And, to build your custom Blueprint, we will not need any of your personal information such as your Social Security Number or you’re Account Numbers. You can even make up different names for your creditors if you would like. The main thing is to follow along with the wizard, correctly enter in your information, and the Equity Creator® Blueprint will take it from there.

Tools to get the job done

The system also comes with on-line resources including a 30-day trial of the Equity Creator® Budgeting System. The EC Budgeting System takes the Blueprint to the next level, allowing you to make adjustments to your current situation for a new pay down schedule as well as running “what if” scenarios to see how paying off or adding a debt would effect your payments. There is nothing like it in the world. But that is only part of the EC Budgeting System it is also an actual easy to use, step by step budgeting system that is unique in the budgeting world.  What makes our budgeting system unique is that it uses two checking accounts; one for fixed bills and one for everything else.  When you log into your budget, you are prompted through each step, and when you are finished you are shown how much money to deposit into each account for each pay period.  Plus it is linked to your Blueprint, so if you make any changes, you will get a new pay down schedule.

No Excuses Guarantee

For those of you that would like a guarantee to get out of debt, we offer the Equity Creator® Bill Manager for a small monthly service charge. If you ever have trouble following the debt pay down schedule from your Blueprint for whatever reason, like life being too hectic, never having the time, procrastination, sitting down to pay your bills just stresses you out, or if you’d just like the convenience of letting some one else do it for you, the EC Bill Manager service is available to ensure your success at getting out of debt on your Financial Freedom Date. The EC Bill Manager service ensures that payments reach your creditors on time, in the right amount each month. When enrolled in this program, you grant us permission to send paper drafts from your fixed-bills account to your creditors on a monthly basis using the pay down schedule from your Blueprint. You receive a monthly statement listing your payments and balances. Plus you have the flexibility to adjust or suspend any payment as necessary at any time prior to the mailing date. This service comes with the “NO Excuses” Guarantee to keep you on track to becoming debt free.

Live Help

Available at your request are the Equity Creator® Coaches. Coaches are fully trained and certified to assist you with every aspect of the FFSS system. Let them help you with your quest to be debt free and can help you carry out the plans specified in you Blueprint.  If you ever have a question about building your strong and secure Financial House, all you have to do is call (or email). The best part of the Equity Creator® Coach service is that you will not be charged there is NEVER A FEE for the assistance of a Coach.