Written Testimonials

So many people in our country struggle with the weight of Debt. People are too busy just trying to survive. I believe that the Equity Creator® program is the most fundamental and useable debt program available today. God has called us all to be good stewards of what he has given us. This is a tool that can help us to better use what he has given us. It gives families a roadmap to financial success. And when a family can begin to lose the weight of debt they can be more available and useable to God's kingdom work.

Greg and Karen, Deacon, Georgia

I hope all is going well with you and your family during these difficult economic times. I trust in the Lord knowing that He has prepared you for a time like this. I believe what God had put on your heart many years ago with the Equity Creator® is for such a time as this. Until then I will continue to do what I can from over here in Iraq.

Andre and Cynthia Christian, currently stationed in Iraq

I am very grateful to have found the Equity Creator® System and I am excited to actually have a plan to retire debt free. My goal is to retire in 8 years and using the Equity Creator® System I will be able to accomplish this for certain. I would recommend this system to any and everyone who wants to get out of debt and retire!

Thank you and God Bless you, Robin, Georgia

Saving America, one family at a time!Financial burdens cripple our congregations. People focus more on their struggling financial situation than they do on the Lord. The Financial Framework Seminar™ allows people to see how to be a good steward of what God has given them and how to get out from under the burden of debt. The Equity Creator® Blueprint gives people a definite financial freedom plan that is specific to their individual needs. Pastors, share this seminar with your people and watch how God will free them from the bondage of debt.

Jerry Adair, Pastor, Georgia

The Financial Framework Seminar Series™ is a blessing to those who need help in getting out of debt. Steve Barfield, the developer of this program, is a man of integrity, honor and high principles. As a practicing Christian, he has taken the great Equity Creator® concepts and products, and has put them into a format that will allow many to be exposed to a proven concept of debt elimination. This unique Series not only teaches the needed core concepts but gives the student superior tools and access to proven Equity Creator® products that will give the user greater success in reaching that elusive goal of financial freedom.

I recommend this program without hesitation to anyone that is dealing with debt issues or is in need of a program to build a healthy financial program for themselves or their families.

Scott, Richburg Financial Services, Texas

My wife and I have counseled couples for more than 7 years on the strategies and secrets of having victorious marriages and eliminating financial bondage, which is a great destroyer of marriages. Equity Creator® is the system we believe in and teach the couples we minister to. We have see it transform lives again, and again.

Ron, Deacon, Georgia

Personally, Equity Creator® has given us a financial peace about our retirement years that we never had before. As Christians, we're called to be witnesses for Christ and it doesn't take money to do that. But, what if every Christian in every church were out of debt? Imagine what we could do with our resources. How much more of the work of the church could we do or fund? How many more homeless or hungry people could we minister to? How many more missionaries could we send? Or even better - how much more would we be available to go ourselves?

Kent and Angie, Deacon, Georgia

Like so many people, we had fallen into the credit card trap. We had definitely gotten in over our heads, only making minimum monthly payments, with seemingly no way out. Then we had the opportunity to participate in the Financial Framework Seminar Series™. The eight week seminar which includes the Equity Creator® System gave us a workable plan to systematically eliminate all of our debt, including our mortgage, within seven years. What a blessing to be able to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. We would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Allen and Jan, Winston, Georgia