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What Makes Us Different

We know there are plenty of debt management seminars in the market place.  But they only go halfway!  They might give you a theory to get rid of your credit card debt, but do they give you the plan to accomplish this task?  Or, do they instruct you to pay the highest interest or the smallest balance first?  Do they offer a plan that includes your personal debt numbers and your exact pay down schedule?  Do they even have the ability to pay your bills if you need assistance in getting out of debt?  Or, is it up to you?

People go to the get-out-of-debt seminars because they want to get out of debt.  We believe they often leave the seminars excited, but with the same problems, and no solutions.  That is not good enough.

We are not offering cute slogans, or simplified answers to serious problems.  We are offering a real debt plan that actually helps people get out of debt. Think about this for a minute; we are taught in high school how to dissect frogs, but never taught the essentials of money management; skills as important as balancing a checkbook are never even mentioned. But when is the last time you dissected a frog?

Titus 3: 14 - Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order that
they may provide for daily necessities and not live unproductive lives.

The FFSS is the most comprehensive system ever developed.  Not only do we teach families how to get control of their finances and plan for their financial future, we also provide the tools and products that they need to achieve those financial goals. We go one step further, we teach them how to use the tools, plus we provide them with an actual plan and a detailed debt pay down schedule. There are no theories, slogans or complicated formulas that they have to figure out on their own.

The FFSS incorporates several integral components: the 8 Seminar Series sessions, The Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint, The Equity Creator® Budgeting system (and other web based resources), and the Equity Creator® Coaches. We use the term system, because that is exactly what it is. It is a system that takes a holistic approach to the underlying factors that get families into trouble and then provides the real solutions to get them in control of their total financial health. Everything a family needs to know about money, financial management and financial planning is taught in the eight sessions of the FFSS.