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Session 1

Secrets of Debt Elimination

We begin the Financial Framework Seminar Series™ with the first step in building your financial house, which is to build a strong foundation and that requires you to eliminate debt. In our society today, getting into debt is similar to falling into quicksand, you don’t always realize it until it is too late, and then it is almost impossible to get out without help. This is what the first class is all about. We will look at just how detrimental owing money to others really is. Even if you are doing well financially, learning where the quicksand is will prove to be valuable information. We will then look at how you will begin to create your personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint. Your customized Blueprint will show you how you can be out of debt in 8 to 12 years while spending the same amount per month on your fixed debts as you are currently spending. Your customized Blueprint will be your road map through the rest of the seminar series and beyond.

Learn what the banks and credit card companies don’t want you to know. Banks have found even trickier ways of raiding your wallet, and they're even targeting good customers who never bounce a check.  

Don’t you just love their television commercials?  They love us!  Right…

• Charges for late payments and exceeding your credit limit have almost tripled in the past decade. *
• Bounce check fees now average close to $30. *
• Some banks charging as much as $45 for an NSF (nonsufficient funds) draft. *
• Credit card late fees and penalties jumped 18% last year to $24 billion! *
• Bank fees (mostly dishonest) are on track to top $55 billion in 2009! *

More disturbing facts that you need to be aware of will be brought out in Session 1 – Debt Elimination.

*2009 MSN Money Central