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Session 4

What Life Insurance is All About

Life insurance offers a family a way to replace lost income, or recover from increased expenses that occurs when someone dies, especially the main breadwinner. Statistically, most American families do not have enough life insurance in force to replace the income of the breadwinner, should he/she die prematurely. Our goal with this session is to decrease that statistic one family at a time. Through the Blueprint analysis, you will know exactly how much insurance you currently have and how much you should have to properly protect your family. We will discuss the various types of insurance which will help you in making an educated choice to which choice would be right for you and your family. Proper insurance coverage is a necessary part of any financial strategy and part of building a secure financial house.

How important is life insurance to your family?

When someone dies without enough life insurance coverage, two terrible things happen.  The spouse has to overcome the loss of their soul mate, and the bills continue to come due.  The collectors are heartless and will relentlessly go after the money owed.