Purchase Member Supplies

We encourage you to participate in the FFSS at a church near you. The knowledge you will gain and all of the tools are the same, but there are significant discounts on the kits purchased through a church.

CD Home Study Kit - $149.95 (plus $7 shipping & handling)

Comes with everything listed below, except for the DVDs.

DVD Home Study Kit - $239.95 (plus $7 shipping & handling)

Everything listed below, including the 8 Session DVDs

8 Session DVDs - $139.95 (plus $5 shipping & handling)

The 8 DVDs contain all of the class material being taught by FFSS founder Steve Barfield

Financial Life Book™ - $79.95 (plus $5 shipping & handling)

This is the Student Manual for home study that coincides with the 8 Sessions of The Financial Framework Seminar Series™ taught on the DVDs. Filled with over 330 pages of vital information and tools, it is housed in a D ring binder for the flexibility to add and remove pages.

Audio CDs - $49.95 (plus &5 shipping & handling)

The Audio CDs contain the message from each of the 8 DVD Class Sessions. They are great to listen to during your daily commute or just as a review. The audio coincides with each of the 8 Sessions in the Financial Life Book™, so you can listen as you go through the book.

Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint - $69.95 (on-line delivery)

Each Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint is personalized to give you an enormous amount of detailed financial information customized to your unique situation. The Blueprint shows you the exact date that you will be completely debt free, including your mortgage, and includes your customized debt pay down schedule along with everything you need to know to build your strong, secure Financial House.

Equity Creator® Budget System - $15.95 (plus $2 Shipping & handling)

This is the paper version of our on-line EC Budgeting System™. It is innovative and powerful, yet easy to use and unlike any budget you nave ever seen.

FFSS Tote Bag - $7.95 (plus $3 shipping & handling)

Strong, lightweight material, printed with the Financial Framework Seminar™Logo. Perfect for holding all of the class materials, or what ever you need to carry includes a front pocket. Measures 12" tall, by 14" wide, by 6" deep with an adjustable shoulder strap.