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Session 3

How to Set Achievable Financial Goals

This session is all about your Personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint. We will review your Blueprint one section at a time. Our main focus during this session is on the Debt section of the customized Blueprint. All of the other sections of the Blueprint will be covered in the Life Insurance, Emergency Fund, Retirement, and other sessions. As we review your personalized Blueprint you will begin to gain a much clearer picture of your current financial status and what you can accomplish if you follow it through. We will discuss in detail the steps you will need to take not just to manage your debt but to eliminate it, either on your own or with our help! Your Blueprint is a customized financial plan that not only shows you your financial shortfalls; it shows you how to eliminate them spending your same monthly payment!

The debt pay down schedule takes out all of the guess work and completely removes any need for theories or complicated formulas on how to get out of debt. All you have to do is follow the Blueprint!

The personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint is a financial plan which also includes a customized debt pay down schedule.

Your personalized Blueprint will give you an enormous amount of customized financial information, including the exact month and year you can be out of debt if you follow your Blueprint to completion.