Tips for Success

Don't be misled by paying the highest interest rates first or smallest balance first!

The first rule of debt acceleration is that our natural inclinations aren’t always correct. The complexion of your debt is a multi-dimensional issue. Logic would dictate that eliminating the highest interest rates or the smallest balances first would be the fastest way out of debt, but that is not the way it works mathematically.

Interest rate and account balance are only two dimensions of your debts. The other major considerations are your minimum and current payments, and the length of time you owe on the particular debt and the balance. The Equity Creator® System takes all four of these factors into consideration when determining the optimal acceleration order. For example, if you have 10 debts in the system, you have 40 different factors contributing to the optimal pay-down order. If any one of those factors change (other than in normal payoff) the acceleration order can change as well.

What does all of this mean to you? Simple: 1) Trust and follow the system. 2) Should any significant changes occur to balance, interest rate, or payment, or if you add or take debts out of your program, you should consider using the powerful EC Bill Manager™ to ensure that your track is true and that your predicted financial freedom date is as accurate as possible.

Look at your debts like a line of dominoes!

Once your debt is put in optimal pay down order, your debts can be thought of as a line of dominoes. You will attach the first debt in line, and when it is eliminated, the money will roll to the next debt in line, and so-on, and so-forth. And, just like falling dominoes, the process will get faster and faster, eliminating your debts one by one until they all fall.

One huge advantage of the Equity Creator® System is that it does not require any more money through out the process than it takes to pay your debts right now. Your job will be to resist the temptation of pulling money out of the system as your debts are eliminated. This would be like stopping dominoes in the middle, or spreading them out so they can’t touch one another. Either way, your forward progress would halt; it would be like starting all over again. Your rapid financial freedom date depends upon the momentum of process-don’t stop it until you are completely debt free!

Too good to be true!

We’re taught from a young age that "if something looks too good to be true, it probably is". You know what? This is very good advice. Is getting out of debt in 1/3 the time, and saving thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in interest expense, too good to be true? If you didn’t know the facts, you might think so.

The facts are: 1) The Equity Creator®  System is not a magic way to avoid paying your debts. 2) It is not a negotiation or compromise with your creditors. 3) The Equity Creator®  System is simply a mathematical application of your entire debt payment to all of your debts using current and minimum payments, current balances, current interest rates, and the amount of time you owe on the debts. Another way to look at it is that the personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint is YOUR plan to get out of debt, not your creditors plan to keep you in debt. It’s not too good to be true, but true enough to be good. Really good!

It’s time to take control of your future!

Attaining freedom from your debt is absolutely essential to a fruitful retirement. Think about it; If you were totally debt free today (no car payments, no credit cards, or no mortgage payment), how little would your living expenses be? Or, better yet, how different would your life be? How much sooner could your retire?

Most Americans do not consider debt elimination as part of their retirement plan. Dragging debt into retirement is like dragging an anchor on an ocean cruise. If you can weigh anchor, your retirement can take you a lot further, a lot sooner, with a lot more!

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t realized it by now, you should know that you’re personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint is only half of the answer. Even with more than a decade of research and development behind it, The Equity Creator® System still needs your discipline and determination to make it work. Don’t let a bad month or some confusion with a creditor get you off track. Stay focused on the project at hand and make it work. If for some reason you feel the need for additional help, we are here to help you with product enhancements, added conveniences and can even help re-evaluate your progress for you at any time.