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Session 2

The Truth About Budgeting

Whether or not we recognize and work within our budget, our budget does exist. When we spend more money than we make, we have gone outside of our budget. Sometimes we are caught off guard when this situation occurs. Not to worry, we have the remedy for this and it is called the Equity Creator® Budgeting System. In this session we are going to show you how to create a workable Equity Creator® Budget by looking at income, fixed expenses that cannot change (installment payments like a mortgage, car loans, student loans) and living expenses that are flexible (groceries, telephone, and heating bills). The need to operate within a budget is critical in meeting short and long-term goals for yourself and your family. This one works!  Remember, fitting something into your budget doesn’t mean having credit available on your card!

Equity Creator® Budgeting System

The combination of your Equity Creator® Budgeting System with the personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint is different than any other budget that exists in the market place.  The entire concept is designed to put you in control of being debt-free in 8 to 12 years and knowing where all of your hard earned money is being spent along the way.

Wikipedia – Personal Budget

“In a personal or family budget all sources of income (inflows) are identified and expenses (outflows) are planned with the intent of matching outflows to inflows (making ends meet.) In consumer theory, the equation restricting an individual or household to spend no more than its total resources is often called the budget constraint.”