Class Tools Promotional Tools Miscellaneous
Class Leader's Guide Tri-Fold Brochure Sample Blueprint
Promotional Activity Check List Brochure  
Class Sessions Guide   New Blueprint Page 2
Class Session Check List  Sample Poster 8 X 10  
Quick Start Guide  Sample Poster 16 X 20 Blueprint Fact Finder
   Sample Poster 20 X 30 Fact Finder Instructions
Church License Form   EC Paper Budget System
Church Registration Form Preview Poster 8X10  
Class Enrollment Form Preview Poster 16X20 Financial Calculators
Church Order Form Preview Poster 20X30  
    Testimonial Video
  Debt Free Church Poster 8X10  
Attendance Roster Debt Free Church Poster 16X20 Program Summary Page
Debt Totals Form Debt Free Church Poster 20X30  
Class Leader Report    
  Preview Meeting Tickets Preview Meeting Slide Show
  3 for Free Flier  
  What Does It Cost Flier  
Class Member Survey Form    
  Church Bulletin Week 1 Victory Dinner Invitation
Certificate Of Completion Church Bulletin Week 2  
Covenant of Stewardship Church Bulletin Week 3  
  Church Bulletin Week 4  
Blueprint Fact Finder Worksheet Church Bulletin Week 5  
  Church Bulletin Week 6